What Are Some Symptoms of Neck Arthritis?


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Some symptoms of neck arthritis include painful sensations in various parts of the body, muscle weakness, neck stiffness and headaches. Neck arthritis is commonly referred to as cervical spondylosis and may also be called neck osteoarthritis, notes Healthline.

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Cervical spondylosis is a general term used for age-related wear and tear of spinal disks in the neck, notes Mayo Clinic. Individuals older than age 60 are at a greater risk of getting this condition. Going through a spinal disk surgery and having severe arthritis equally increase the chances of getting this condition. Other risk factors associated with neck arthritis include ruptured disk, inactive lifestyle, obesity and previous neck injury.

Individuals with neck arthritis are likely to experience pain around their shoulder blades. This painful sensation may extend to the arms or fingers. Pain related to this condition may increase when the individual stands up after sitting, at night or when they bend the neck backwards. Other symptoms of neck arthritis include neck stiffness that grows worse over time, headaches that often affect the back of the head and numbness in the shoulders, arms or legs.

Physical therapy and medications are common treatment options for this condition. In severe cases, surgery may be used to relieve the patient of extreme symptoms.

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