What Are Symptoms of Nasal Cancer?


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Symptoms of nasal cancer include congestion and stuffiness that never improve or that get worse, nosebleeds, pus from the nose and numbness in some regions of the face, according to the American Cancer Society. Other symptoms include a weakened sense of smell, a mass or growth and vision changes.

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The presence of even a few of those symptoms does not necessarily indicate a person has nasal or paranasal sinus cancer, says the American Cancer Society. The society recommends seeing a doctor if the symptoms persist. Other symptoms include ear pain or pressure, swollen lymph nodes, problems opening the mouth, and loose or numb teeth.

Certain types of people are at higher risk of developing nasal cancer, says WebMD. Furniture makers, woodworkers, shoemakers and those who work or worked in sawmills qualify as higher-risk groups due to exposure to dust and certain chemicals. Smoking, being male and older than 40, and having human papillomavirus are further risk factors. Doctors use a physical exam, history, MRIs and biopsies to diagnose the cancer. A nasoscopy, in which a doctor inserts a nasoscope inside the nose and often removes tissue for study, is also performed. Laryngoscopies, during which tissue samples can be removed from the larynx, are also used in diagnoses.

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