Do Symptoms of Myeloma Cause Pain?


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Some symptoms of multiple myeloma can cause pain such as bone pain, abdominal pain and back pain, explains the American Cancer Society. Some patients who develop multiple myeloma have no pain or other symptoms, however.

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Do Symptoms of Myeloma Cause Pain?
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In addition to pain, there are a number of other symptoms associated with multiple myeloma, according to the American Cancer Society. For instance, bone problems may occur, such as weakness of the bones and bones that easily break. Low blood counts may also occur in those who have developed multiple myeloma and may take the form of low red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets.

High levels of calcium in the blood may also indicate multiple myeloma, states the American Cancer Society. High levels of calcium may cause extreme thirst, dehydration, constipation, frequent urination and kidney problems. People may also experience weakness, loss of appetite, confusion and drowsiness. Nervous system problems, such as numbness and weakness in the legs, are other possible symptoms.

The blood may also thicken when a person has multiple myeloma, which causes dizziness, confusion and symptoms similar to a stroke, states the American Cancer Society. Frequent infections may also occur in those who suffering from this disease. Often, these infections are slow to respond to treatment and become more serious than usual.

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