What Are Some Symptoms of Muscular Arthritis?


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Symptoms of muscular arthritis, or myositis, include weakness or pain in the muscles and exhaustion, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Patients can also have trouble moving their arms and legs, which leads to a higher occurrence of falls. In some cases, myositis stops patients from breathing comfortably or swallowing.

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Patients whose muscular arthritis progresses to polymyositis often experience exaggerated symptoms, states the Arthritis Foundation. Patients with existing muscle weakness may notice decreased strength in the muscles around the legs, hips and shoulders. Polymyositis can impact lung functioning, bring a general feeling of malaise, and cause weight loss. In some patients, a red rash presents with the other myositis symptoms. This condition is called dermatomyositis, and it can cause light sensitivity and fever.

Patients who suffer from inclusion-body myositis may have problems with normal activities such as walking, standing and climbing stairs, asserts The Myositis Association. Patients often trip and fall more often, and may have trouble getting up. The disease also causes poor grip strength. Other symptoms of inclusion-body myositis are forearm weakness, choking and a visible decrease in the size of the thigh muscles.

Children with muscular arthritis usually present with a rash on the skin, according to The Myositis Association. Muscle weakness follows, accompanied by pain and occasional dysphonia.

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