What Are Some Symptoms of Muscle Deterioration?


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Symptoms of muscle deterioration or muscle atrophy include one arm or leg being smaller than the other or when noticeable weakness in a limb occurs, according to Healthline. Treatment for muscle deterioration includes exercise, physical therapy, surgical intervention, changes to the diet and ultrasound therapy, depending on the severity of atrophy.

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Many medical conditions can cause deterioration of the muscles including aging, a lack of physical activity, malnutrition, stroke and alcohol-associated myopathy, states Healthline. Additionally, diseases such as multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, muscular dystrophy and neuropathy can contribute to or cause muscle wasting. In some cases, muscle atrophy is reversible with specific treatments and an improved diet.

During treatment for this condition, water exercises are beneficial, particularly for those who have difficulty moving, explains Healthline. Seeing a physical therapist is also helpful for individuals who have trouble moving the arms or legs, as the therapist can do this for the patient. A physical therapist also shows patients how to exercise correctly. Using ultrasound therapy, sound waves are used to help the patient heal in a noninvasive way. A person suffering from contracture deformity, a condition that keeps the muscles, tendons and ligaments from moving correctly, may benefit from surgery to remedy the problem.

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