What Are the Symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder?


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According to WebMD, the main symptom of multiple personality disorder is the presence of two or more distinct personalities that have power over a person's behavior. Another major symptom is the inability to recall personal information that stems beyond a bad memory or forgetfulness. Experts refer to multiple personality disorder as dissociative identity disorder.

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What Are the Symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder?
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WebMD states that the forgetfulness may stem from having multiple identities with different characteristics. For example, the identities have distinct ages, sexes, behaviors, races, gestures and verbal cues. Identities can switch every day or at a regular pattern of weeks or months. Every patient suffering from multiple personality disorder presents the identities in unique ways.

Generalized symptoms in most patients with multiple personality disorder are insomnia, depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, night terrors, sleep walking, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, phobias, flashbacks, alcohol and drug abuse, rituals, compulsions, hallucinations and eating disorders. WebMD elaborates that some patients may experience trances, amnesia, headaches, violence, self-persecution, reckless behavior and stealing.

Psychology Today notes that patients with multiple personality disorder may have up to 100 different identities but usually two of these identities are in primary control of the person's behavior. In children, difficulty concentrating in school and severe behavior issues are signs that a mental disorder is at play.

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