What Are the Symptoms of Mono Listed by the Mayo Clinic?


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The Mayo Clinic lists the signs and symptoms of mono as fatigue, sore throat, fever, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and armpits, swollen tonsils, headache and skin rash. Other general symptoms include malaise, or a general feeling of uneasiness, and a soft or swollen spleen.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, the virus typically has an incubation period that lasts between four and six weeks. Many times, some of the signs and symptoms of mono, such as fever or sore throat, lessen within the first two weeks, while other symptoms typically persist for much longer. Most patients continue to suffer from fatigue, enlarged lymph notes and a swollen spleen for several weeks following diagnosis.

Individuals that experience a collection of these symptoms all at once, particularly symptoms in accordance with swollen lymph nodes, are instructed by the Mayo Clinic to visit a doctor. There is no specific treatment to cure mononucleosis, but many times, secondary infections, most commonly tonsillitis, strep throat or a sinus infection, accompany mononucleosis, and those conditions can be treated by a doctor. Many medical professionals also want to check the condition of the spleen to ensure a rupture doesn’t happen.

Typically treatment involves prescribing medication to counteract any other infections, bed rest and plenty of fluids.

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