What Are the Symptoms of Mite Infestation in Humans?

Some mite infestation symptoms found in humans include the appearance of a pimple-like rash and blisters on the skin and an intense itch, according to WebMD. The exact symptoms associated with mite infestations in humans depend on an individual's reaction to the outbreak.

Mite infestation typically manifests suddenly in humans because many individuals don't see symptoms until four to six weeks after contracting mites, explains WebMD. Mites, or Sarcoptes scabies, cause mite infestation and burrow into the human skin to lay eggs. When the symptoms first emerge, some affected individuals might misdiagnosis, as the symptoms appear similar to acne or mosquito bites.

The affected person needs to take oral or topical drugs designed to destroy mites to rid his body of the infestation, MedicineNet advises. Taking over-the-counter drugs is not an effective treatment to get rid of the infestation.

Mites attack the skin where the knee or elbow bends and in between the fingers, reports the University of Kentucky. The infestation is transmittable by personal contact including sleeping in the same bed. There are different types of scabies, including canine scabies, which are transferable to humans and can cause itching on the chest, forearms and waist. These parasites generally live in the infected human host body for 24 hours.