What Are the Symptoms of a Mini Heart Attack in Men?


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A heart attack is not considered mini; however, each heart attack is different, and the symptoms or severity can range from mild to severe, notes WebMD. Men who undergo a heart attack may experience several different symptoms, the most common being chest pain, chest pressure and chest discomfort.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Mini Heart Attack in Men?
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Less common symptoms of a heart attack include abdominal discomfort, pain in other areas of the upper body, shortness of breath, nausea and sweating, reports WebMD. Some heart attacks don’t give any early warning signs. Heart attacks may be a symptom of an underlying health issues, such as coronary artery disease, says American Heart Association. This disease contracts and hardens the arteries around the heart.

Heart attacks are life threatening. When an individual thinks he is experiencing symptoms, he should seek emergency medical attention immediately, recommends WebMD. Trying to drive to a hospital may make symptoms worst. Emergency responders are not just a ride to the hospital but provide immediate care, including heart medication and oxygen. Limit physical activity while waiting for emergency responders, and chew one aspirin to keep blood from clotting. Physicians diagnose heart attacks based on several factors, including a physical exam, the patient’s medical history, an electrocardiogram or EKG, and blood testing, states the American Heart Association.

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