What Are the Symptoms of Mild Autism in a Teenager?


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Teenagers who have mild difficulties interpreting behavioral and social cues as well as understanding and empathizing with perspectives of other people, may have a mild autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. Therapeutic treatments for teens with ASD range from special education services to a variety of therapies, notes CRC Health Group.

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In many instances, parents notice signs of autism in children before they turn 3 years old. However, children with mild ASD can evade diagnosis and make it into their teen or even adult years before they receive the right diagnosis. Teens who show repetitive behaviors or interest; who show anomalous reactions to textures, sounds and lights; who struggle to make friends or join in the normal banter of conversation; who mismanage emotions; and who show a persistently intense preoccupation with a particular topic may have mild autism, according to CRC Health Group.

As of 2015, autism doesn't have a known cure, but teens who take advantage of special education services while in school often receive accommodations that help them improve their classroom performance. Depending on the ways in which their autism manifests itself, teens may also benefit from psychotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy as well as role modeling and dietary intervention, states CRC Health Group.

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