What Are the Symptoms of Midlife Crisis in Men?


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Symptoms of a man going through a midlife crisis may include dissatisfaction with his career, marriage, health or finances; an enhanced concern over aging; drinking more; having an affair; or excessive concern over his appearance. He may also become depressed or engage in risk-taking behaviors.

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A midlife crisis may be triggered by a man turning 40, which is a milestone often associated with the midlife crisis, or by losing family members or friends, reports WebMD. Most male midlife crises do not involve drastic changes such as moving away from all family and friends, divorcing a spouse, creating a new identity and withdrawing all funds from a bank account. However, these extreme male midlife crises are possible. The more common male midlife crises take the form of a man making changes to his life in subtle ways that indicate his concern over aging. Many times these concerns are due to loss.

One example of loss includes the loss of loved ones. It is during middle age when most people lose their parents or lose a beloved friend or family member. This loss can lead to a re-evaluation of the person's life, notes Psych Central. Another sign of the male midlife crisis includes excessive worry about whether or not the man's wife or husband still finds him attractive or how well he is performing in his workplace.

Men also start to experience the loss of their prior youthful bodies and often want to prove that they can still do everything that they could do as a young man, so they begin taking more risks, according to WebMD. The risk can come in a form such as gambling or can come in a form such as motorcross riding or base-jumping.

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