What Are the Symptoms of a Micro Stroke?

Symptoms of a mini stroke, or a transient ischemic attack, include muscle weakness, numbness in one leg or arm, fatigue and confusion, according to Healthline. The patient may experience sudden increase in blood pressure, temporary memory loss and loss of balance.

The symptoms of a mini stroke are very similar to those of an actual stroke, reports Healthline. However, they are less severe and last for a shorter period of time. Most symptoms disappear within an hour, states Mayo Clinic, and resemble the early signs of an actual stroke.

The symptoms of a mini stroke may differ depending on the part of the brain that is affected, explains Emedicinehealth. A transient ischemic attack that affects the anterior circulation results in symptoms such as loss of speech and weakness in the right side of the body. A mini stroke that affects the cerebellum causes trouble walking, dizziness and loss of balance. Falling suddenly without warning, or drop attacks, are a sign that the mini stroke has affected the base of the brain. Temporary loss of vision in one eye, a condition known as amaurosis fugax, occurs when debris obstructs an ophthalmic artery and stops blood supply to the retina.

Mini stroke symptoms may be very obvious such as paralysis or very subtle such as numbness and tingling of one hand, according to Emedicinehealth.