What Are Some Symptoms of Manic Behavior?


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Symptoms of manic behavior include long periods of intense happiness or conviviality as well as great irritability, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. The patient also talks too fast, has racing thoughts and jumps from one idea to another.

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A person who exhibits manic behavior is also easily distracted, adopts several new projects at the same time and is restless, says the NIMH. He does not sleep much but is not tired. He has an exaggerated belief in his own abilities. He is impulsive and throws himself into high-risk activities that give him pleasure.

A person who experiences mania might also be out of touch with reality, or psychotic, claims the NIMH. He may believe that he is rich or famous, when he is not, or that he has superpowers. He may also abuse drugs or alcohol, and he may have difficulty holding on to a job or a relationship.

Manic episodes are different from the usual periods of happiness and bursts of energy that people commonly experience, claims the NIMH. They are often part of bipolar disorder and alternate with periods of depression. The manic episode is sometimes so severe that the patient needs to be hospitalized.

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