What Are Some Symptoms of Mania?


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People experiencing a manic episode, commonly associated with mental disorders such as bipolar disease, exhibit an inflated sense of grandiosity, a decreased need for sleep and excessive involvement in activities that are pleasurable despite the consequences, such as buying sprees, risky sexual activity or large business investments, explains PsychCentral. An episode of mania may produce a flight of racing ideas or thoughts and a need to talk more than usual.

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People experiencing mania also may draw their attention to irrelevant items or unimportant issues, according to PsychCentral. Social, professional or personal goals may become more important suddenly and produce agitation when the goals are not immediately accomplished.

An episode of mania may cause individuals to become frightened, angry, uncontrollable or produce a feeling that they are trapped, explains WebMD. Some patients experiencing a manic episode hallucinate and hear or see things that are not visible to others. Patients also hold onto false beliefs and refuse to listen to reason. An episode of mania can cause patients to consider themselves to have god-like or superhuman skills and powers, which can lead to risky behavior such as reckless driving or abuse of drugs and alcohol that puts them in potential danger and poses a risk for others near the patient.

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