What Are Symptoms of Male Urinary Problems?


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There are many symptoms of male urinary problems, according to the Better Health Channel. Some of the more commonly experienced symptoms include an increase in urinary frequency, urinary urgency (the strong and sudden urge to urinate) and the feeling that the bladder is not entirely emptied after urinating.

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What Are Symptoms of Male Urinary Problems?
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Other symptoms listed by the Better Health Channel include a urine stream that is slow to start, unusual dribbling after urination and a lack of force to the urine stream. Some men also experience a sensation of needing to go again shortly after urinating. The need to urinate more frequently may happen during the day or night, and the urge to urinate may be so sudden and powerful that one may not make it to the toilet in time.

Many men experience changes in their urinary functions as they grow older, says the Better Health Channel. This is sometimes caused by an inflamed or enlarged prostate gland, a male reproductive organ located at the base of the bladder. In older men, an enlarged prostate gland can block the urethra and make it difficult to empty the bladder. However, male urinary symptoms are not always related to the prostate, and some men with enlarged prostates experience no symptoms.

Treatments are available for men experiencing discomfort or difficulty from these symptoms, assures the Better Health Channel. More serious urinary symptoms call for a trip to the doctor. These include painful urination, blood in the urine, discharge from the penis, the inability to urinate or severe urinary incontinence (the inability to hold in the urine).

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