What Are the Symptoms of a Male Midlife Crisis?


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According to WebMD, symptoms of a male midlife crisis can be mild to severe. The first warning sign of a man's midlife crisis is the urgent feeling to change something about life after evaluating his marriage, career, health or financial status. Men may experience a midlife crisis somewhere between their 40th and 50th birthdays.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Male Midlife Crisis?
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The feeling to change things may be triggered by a number of factors including major life changes such as becoming a grandfather or the death of a parent. WebMD explains that a man may begin to make unusual choices as a way to cope with these feelings. Risky behaviors such as excessive drinking, having an affair, feelings of depression, increased concern about appearance and the desire to do thrilling activities are symptoms of a midlife crisis.

Many men go through midlife crisis from age 40 to 50. It causes men to rebel because they feel trapped in their lives. Therefore, they make impulsive decisions that give them thrill and excitement. Experts advise that during this time men need self-control and counseling. Being grateful for the happiness present in their lives helps men rethink destructive choices, states WebMD.

Senior Editor Shelley Emling for The Huffington Post elaborates that a midlife crisis is a period of reflection that can cause either growth or destruction. A man who compares his career to more successful friends may be experiencing a midlife crisis. Feelings of exhaustion and an urgent acknowledgement of time passing are other triggers that may be a sign a man is in the throes of a midlife crisis. Moreover, a man panicking about health issues could be symptomatic of a midlife crisis too.

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