What Are the Symptoms of Male Midlife Crisis?


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Symptoms of the male midlife crisis include an uneasy feeling about major life elements such as career, marriage and health, leading to an urgent need to make changes. Other signs are making big changes in a hurry and unusual choices such as excessive drinking, an affair, abandoning family life and excessive concern about physical appearance, according to WebMD.

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Many men go through midlife crisis from age 40 to 50. It causes men to rebel because they feel trapped in their lives. Therefore, they make impulsive decisions that give them thrill and excitement. Experts advise that during this time men need self-control and counseling. Being grateful for the happiness present in their lives helps men rethink destructive choices, states WebMD.

Male midlife crisis causes broken marriages. Bottled emotions, missed opportunities, poor career status and negative self-assessment instigate midlife crisis. Loss of a loved one and a health challenge also contribute to the male midlife crisis. Men successfully navigate midlife crisis by being proactive, focusing on the positive factors in their lives and making gradual and measured changes. Partners to men going through midlife should listen to them without making judgments or disputing their feelings. They also need to desist from attempting to fix them immediately, according to Everyday Health.

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