What Are the Symptoms of Lymphatic Cancer?

What Are the Symptoms of Lymphatic Cancer?

Lymphoma, or lymphatic cancer, often presents with chills, fever, fatigue, nighttime sweats and unexplained weight loss, according to Healthline. However, because these symptoms often begin in a mild way or are often mistaken for signs of other conditions, many people do not receive a lymphoma diagnosis until a later stage.

The first obvious sign of lymphoma is growth in a lymph node. Pain and tenderness sometimes also accompany the growth, reports Healthline. People who have non-Hodgkin lymphomas are more likely to encounter swelling without pain.

Lymph nodes are located all over the body at various depths. The ones that swell most noticeably are in the groin, neck and armpits. A lump in one of these spots potentially calls for a doctor's visit but probably does not indicate the presence of lymphoma. Infections also cause lymph node swelling and are far more common, as stated by Healthline.

Fatigue is an enigmatic symptom that indicates all manner of common conditions, such as poor diet or a lack of sleep. Unfortunately it also signifies several serious conditions, so persistent fatigue requires medical attention, says Healthline.

Fever, chills and nighttime sweats also indicate a number of conditions, including infection. Fevers that repeatedly come and go without explanation are a strong possible sign of lymphoma. People who lose more than 10 percent of their body weight without changing their diet or exercising may have lymphoma, but this is also a symtpom of other serious health conditions. Talking to a doctor is wise at this juncture, notes Healthline.