What Are Some Symptoms of Lymphadenopathy?


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Although sometimes lymphadenopathy causes no symptoms, when they occur, symptoms include abnormal tiredness, skin rash, unintended weight loss, and a painful or red lump under the skin, states Drugs.com. Other symptoms include sweating at night, fever and swollen spleen. A patient with lymphadenopathy should contact a doctor if he experiences rash, painful or red lymph nodes, or fever. Difficulty swallowing or breathing that is associated with the condition and swollen lymph nodes require immediate medical attention.

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Lymphadenopathy is the enlargement of lymph nodes. Bacterial infections, viral infections and certain conditions, including cancer, may cause the condition, explains Drugs.com. Medications may cause allergies that also lead to lymphadenopathy. A physical inspection for the size of the lymph nodes may help provide diagnosis. The doctor may perform chest X-rays, an ultra sound and blood tests to determine the specific cause of the condition. Magnetic resonance imaging and other imaging tests may also be helpful.

Symptoms of lymphadenopathy can disappear on their own; however, the doctor may treat the underlying cause if symptoms persist, notes Drug.com. After treatment, patients should rest properly to restore normal body temperature and counter fever. Applying warm compresses and avoiding poking the swollen nodes may help as well. Medications may help treat the condition if infection or cancer is present.

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