What Are Symptoms of Lung Nodules?

Most lung nodules do not cause symptoms, but if they do, symptoms may include coughing or coughing up blood, explains About.com. Most lung nodules are discovered when a chest X-ray is done for another reason.

If a lung nodule is found, the first thing a doctor typically does is to compare the X-ray to previous X-rays the person has had, claims About.com. If the nodule has been present for a long time, usually no other testing is needed, but if a nodule is new or there is no other X-ray for comparison, other tests are done. These include imaging, such as a computed tomography scan, a biopsy of the nodule or observation with further X-rays.

The treatment of lung nodules depends on the cause of the nodule and may vary widely, according to About.com. Lung nodules are caused by cancer, infections, inflammation or other conditions. In many cases, lung nodules that are benign and haven't changed over time do not require any treatment and can be left alone. Only about 5 percent of lung nodules found on a computed tomography scan turn out to be cancer, but if this is the case, a lung cancer treatment plan begins. Those who have had cancer previously or have cancer at present are more at risk of lung nodules being cancerous.