What Are the Symptoms of Lumbar Radiculitis?


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Symptoms of lumbar radiculitis include pain along the sciatic nerve and numbness of the big toe and inner foot, according to the Bonati Institute. Patients with lumbar radiculitis often have a hard time finding a comfortable position.

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Lumbar radiculitis often presents as sciatica, which includes radiating pain in the lower back, the glutes, the backs of the upper thighs, the calves and the feet, notes the Bonati Institute. Sufferers may also experience severe pain in the hip flexors and outer calves. Symptoms are generally mild in the early stages of lumbar radiculitis and become more severe over time if left untreated, as stated by the Atlantic Spine Center. This may result in muscle weakness, muscle tissue loss and nerve death.

If a patient delays treatment, physical therapy may be necessary to treat atrophied muscles and to correct muscle imbalances resulting from the over-use of one side of the body, as stated by the Bonati Institute. Conventional treatments include analgesics, muscle relaxants, rest and anti-inflammatory medications. If these options fail or if the condition is the result of a back surgery, surgical procedures such as laser debridement may be necessary. Individuals should consult a doctor if they are experiencing symptoms of lumbar radiculitis to receive a diagnosis and treatment options.

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