What Are Some Symptoms of a Lower-Back Tumor?


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Common symptoms of a tumor in the lower back are back pain, weakness in the arms and legs, difficulty urinating, changes in bowel function, and a feeling of numbness or decreased sensitivity to pain in the limbs, according to Mayo Clinic and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. More general symptoms of a lower back tumor may include fever, nausea or vomiting, loss of appetite, and unexplained weight loss, as stated by Spine-health.

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Pain in the middle to lower back is the most prevalent symptom of a tumor in the lower back, also called a spinal or lumbar tumor. This pain may be more severe at night than during the day, or it may be most severe upon waking up in the morning. It may also increase when pressure is placed on the affected part of the back, according to Spine-health. Pain may radiate from the back to different parts of the body, such as the hips or legs, says Mayo Clinic.

If the lower-back tumor has grown large enough to press on nearby nerves or blood vessels, loss of sensation in the limbs may result. This can manifest as a feeling of weakness, numbness, or loss of sensitivity to heat and cold. As the tumor grows, symptoms may progress to difficulty standing and walking, or even paralysis, according to Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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