What Are Some Symptoms for Low Thyroid Levels in Men?


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The symptoms for low thyroid levels in men include constipation, weight increase, inflammation of the thyroid gland and depression, according to Dr. Chris Iliades for Everyday Health. Some men with low levels of thyroid may experience erection problems and a lack of sexual urges as a result of low energy or tiredness.

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What Are Some Symptoms for Low Thyroid Levels in Men?
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A low thyroid level is a medical condition in which the thyroid gland produces excessively low thyroid hormone, explains MedicineNet. This condition is also known as hypothyroidism and occurs as a result of multiple health conditions that affect the thyroid gland either directly or indirectly. Because hypothyroidism impacts the normal metabolic rate, its symptoms may manifest in any body organ, notes Dr. Iliades. Additionally, the symptoms in men may be similar to those in women.

Hypothyroidism attacks women more than men, states Dr. Iliades. This is due to the fact the condition results from autoimmune disorders to a greater extent, which are more common in women than in men. Aside from autoimmune diseases, a damaged thyroid gland and a surgical removal of the thyroid gland in the treatment of thyroid tumor are also possible causes of hypothyroidism in men. The process of treating an overactive thyroid may cause an underactive thyroid, leading to low levels of the thyroid hormone.

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