What Are Some Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure?


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Symptoms of low blood pressure include lightheadedness, thirst, blurred vision, confusion, vomiting and fainting, states WebMD. Dizziness and fainting may indicate that the blood pressure is extremely low, and in such a case, a patient should immediately consult a doctor.

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What Are Some Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure?
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Feeling tired and breathing rapidly may signal that an individual is suffering from low blood pressure, claims WebMD. Other symptoms are nausea, feeling weak and cold, clammy skin.

The inadequate supply of blood to organs due to low blood pressure may result in improper functioning or damaging of the organs, states MedicineNet. Feeling lighheaded, faint or dizzy may be due to an insufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen via blood to the brain. Severe cases of low blood pressure may result in shock, which is the rapid failure of body organs such as the lungs, heart, brain and liver.

Diseases and conditions can cause symptoms of low blood pressure, and in such cases, the exact cause of low blood pressure determines the symptoms, notes MedicineNet. These conditions include kidney disease, heart disease, shock and orthostatic hypotension. Chest pain and heart attack can signal a possible heart disease due to a low blood supply to the heart, while high creatinine and urea nitrogen in the blood may indicate that the kidney has failed to eliminate wastes from the body due to insufficient blood supply to the kidney.

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