What Are the Symptoms of a Liver Cyst?

Some of the symptoms of a liver cyst include upper abdominal pain, discomfort or fullness, and severe pain in the upper right quadrant and shoulders. Only 5 percent of patients with liver cysts develop symptoms and, subsequently, require treatment, states Cleveland Clinic.

Most liver cysts do not have any symptoms. Medical professionals can only detect the presence of most cysts using computerized tomography scans and ultrasounds, according to the American Liver Foundation. When cysts grow, patients experience bloating and pain in the upper-right part of the abdomen. If cysts become too big, patients can feel them through the abdomen. When these symptoms appear, doctors can ascertain the presence of liver cysts by conducting abdominal CT scans.

Liver cysts are thin-walled, fluid-filled structures that form in the liver. Some patients with liver cysts may bleed into the cyst and, subsequently, experience severe right-upper-quadrant pain, states Cleveland Clinic. The bleeding stops on its own, and the pain dissipates over a period of days. Although liver cysts do not affect the normal functions of the liver, they can affect the quality of life of a small percentage of patients because of the accumulated fluid and severe pain. Surgical procedures that remove a large portion of the cyst wall are a common treatment approach for liver cysts.