What Are the Symptoms of Liver Cancer During the Final Days?

Some symptoms of liver cancer during the final stages include weight loss, swelling of the abdomen, feeling tired and loss of appetite. Other liver problems may equally produce symptoms that mimic those of liver cancer, which is why it is important to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis, notes the American Cancer Society.

The first stages of liver cancer rarely produce any symptoms. Doctors can only detect this condition if the patient takes regular screening tests. The condition can easily be treated when detected at an early stage.

Individuals with this condition often experience nausea and vomiting. They may develop pain of the abdomen or close to the right shoulder blade. Patients tend to feel full even when they consume small portions of food. Fluid build-up in the abdomen usually causes it to swell. Liver cancer also can trigger an itchy sensation. Other common symptoms of this condition include high body temperature, yellowish discoloration of the skin, abdominal bruising and bleeding.

To diagnose this condition, doctors often take the patient's medical history into consideration. A physical examination may be done before recommending an imaging test. Blood and liver tissue tests may be done to ascertain the condition, notes Mayo Clinic. Some treatment options available for liver cancer include injecting chemotherapy drugs into the liver, radiation therapy, surgery to remove part of the liver and liver transplant surgery.