What Are Some Symptoms of Leukaemia in Adults?


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Symptoms of leukemia include frequent fevers, night sweats, and a swollen gland or new lump in the neck, groin or armpit, according to WebMD. Frequent nose bleeds and bruising, bleeding from the rectum or gums and heavy menstrual cycles are also indicative of leukemia. Bone pain, unexplained tiredness, reduced appetite or weight loss, and pain and swelling on the left side of the abdomen are additional symptoms.

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Leukemia in its chronic form usually causes no symptoms at all until the disease progresses to its later stages, advises WebMD. Symptoms appear gradually over time as the cancer grows and advances through the body.

Additional symptoms include tiny red spots on the skin, swollen lymph nodes, enlarged spleen or liver, recurring or severe infections and excessive perspiration, particularly at night, according to Mayo Clinic. The symptoms of leukemia are often not specific and may be quite vague, causing many people to overlook them because they believe them to be associated with other illnesses or medical conditions.

Symptoms vary by whether or not leukemia is classified as chronic or acute. Acute leukemia causes a fast progression of symptoms and requires aggressive treatment options. Although the symptoms of leukemia can be produced by various other illnesses, any recurring symptoms that are bothersome should be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible, advises Mayo Clinic.

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