What Are Some Symptoms of Leprosy?


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Symptoms of leprosy include skin lesions, muscle weakness, and numbness in the hands and legs, according to Healthline. This disease mainly affects the peripheral nerves, although it may affect the eyes and the inner lining of the nose, notes WebMD.

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Initial symptoms of leprosy are loss of temperature sensation and numbness, according to MedicineNet. As the disease progresses, the patient loses the sensations of pain, touch and deep pressure. The patient may experience enlarged nerves around the knees and elbows and muscle weakness in his hands and feet, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Leprosy causes skin sores and bumps that last for weeks or months, reports WebMD. The sores may be discolored or faded, according to the CDC. The patient may also have thick and dry skin with growths on it.

Leprosy may affect the inner lining of the nose and cause nose bleeds and a stuffy nose, notes the CDC. The patient may develop ulcers on the soles of his feet. Leprosy may affect the eyes and may lead to blindness. Other eye problems include drying and reduced blinking, states MedicineNet. Leprosy may affect the testicles in men, leading to sterility and sexual dysfunction, explains eMedicineHealth.

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