What Are Symptoms of Leg Nerve Pain?

The symptoms of a nerve leg pain is a sensation of numbness, weakness and tingling that originates in the lower back of a person, travelling through to the sciatic nerve of an individual legs, according to Spine-Health. Other symptoms include a sharp pain that makes it difficult for a person to stand up, worsening when there is a prolonged sitting down. An individual also feels a constant pain on one side of the leg or buttock.

In its explanation of the symptoms of the nerve leg pain, Mayo Clinic explains that the pain a victim feels varies. The leg nerve pain can range from a sharp, mild to even excruciating burning sensation. In certain circumstances, an individual would feel as if he is hit by an electrical shock. This pain normally worsens when an individual is suffering from coughing or sneezing. On most occasions, only one side of the leg is affected.

A mild nerve pain would go away after a period of time, says Mayo Clinic. However, if the symptoms occur for more than a week and the pain becomes severe, the victim should seek medical treatment. Other issues that can raise some concern include if the pain emanates after a violent injury, the victim finds it difficult to control his bladder, and it is severe in the lower back, resulting in the numbness of the legs.