What Are the Symptoms of Laryngeal Cancer?


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A change in the voice is one of the earliest symptoms of laryngeal cancer, according to Everyday Health. Other symptoms include trouble swallowing, trouble breathing, ear pain and unexplained weight loss. A lump in the neck is a sign that the laryngeal cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes, reports the American Cancer Society.

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Voice changes such as hoarseness that do not improve after two weeks may be a symptom of laryngeal cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. This is because laryngeal cancers form on the vocal cords.

A persistent sore throat and the feeling of something sticking in the throat is a symptom of laryngeal cancer above the vocal cords, states Everyday Health. The patient may constantly feel like he has to clear his throat or cough. He may also experience breathing problems if the laryngeal cancer narrows the opening between his vocal cords. Cancer of the larynx also affects the movement of the vocal cords, which can result in difficulty breathing.

A large laryngeal cancer causes difficulty swallowing because it narrows the opening of the esophagus, explains Everyday Health. This causes food to get stuck in the throat or to come back up. Unexplained weight loss is a symptom of an underlying cancer. Some people may also experience symptoms such as bad breath, a wheezing noise when breathing, breathlessness and fatigue, according to NHS Choices.

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