What Are Symptoms of Kidney Lesions?


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Simple kidney lesions or cysts rarely cause any symptoms, according to Mayo Clinic. If the cysts grows enough, they may cause a dull pain in the back or side, a fever or upper abdominal pain.

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Cysts are round pouches of fluid that can form on organs such as the kidneys, explains Mayo Clinic. The most common form of kidney cysts are called simple kidney cysts because they are not cancerous and rarely cause health issues. This kind of cyst is usually detected during imaging tests for different concerns. Typically, simple kidney cysts do not require treatment.

Simple kidney cysts are not the same as cysts that develop due to kidney disease. Some cysts are linked to serious disorders that have the potential to impair kidney function, notes Mayo Clinic. It is advised to visit a doctor if symptoms from a kidney cyst occur.

Causes of kidney cysts are unclear as of 2015. One theory is that cysts develop when the surface of the kidney is weakened. Weak kidneys sometimes form a pouch called a diverticulum, reports Mayo Clinic. This pouch fills with fluid, detaches and forms into a cyst. The risk factor for developing kidney cysts increases with age, though they can grow at any time.

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