What Are Symptoms of Jock Itch?


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Symptoms of jock itch can include itching and discomfort as well as a rash on the groin, inner thighs, buttocks or skin folds, according to WebMD. The rash is red or brown in color and usually has a distinct border. With jock itch, rashes are generally not found on the penis or scrotum.

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Jock itch is a form of ring worm that is highly spreadable. Diagnosis of jock itch is usually achieved by having a doctor examine the rash, as stated by WebMD. If necessary, the skin affected by the rash can be scraped onto a glass slide and examined to confirm diagnosis of jock itch. Although jock itch can cause discomfort, it generally is not serious.

For minor cases of jock itch, a doctor may recommend over-the-counter antifungal ointments, powders or sprays, as noted by Mayo Clinic. Even if the visible rash clears up, the patient should continue using the antifungal medication for at least 10 days, or for however long the doctor recommends. Athlete's foot should also be treated if existent, as each condition can continue spreading and even cause a reoccurrence. For more severe cases of jock itch, or for cases of jock itch that do not properly respond to over-the-counter medications, a doctor can prescribe a more hard-hitting, prescription-strength antifungal medication.

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