What Are the Symptoms of Irregular Heartbeat?


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The American Heart Association lists symptoms of irregular heartbeat as chest pain, fatigue, lightheadedness, rapid or pounding heartbeat, dizziness and possible fainting. In the most extreme cases, an irregular heartbeat can go undetected until it causes a sudden heart attack or death. The AHA advises seeing a doctor to analyze any worrisome symptoms and determine the severity of a possible heart condition.

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What Are the Symptoms of Irregular Heartbeat?
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According to the AHA, heart arrhythmia affects millions of patients each year and is generally innocuous. People are recommended to keep track of their heart rates throughout the day by counting the number of beats that pass in a period of one minute and noting the time and date that each measurement is taken.

The AHA explains that Doctors are able to use several tests to diagnose heart arrhythmia, such as electrocardiography, exercise stress tests, echocardiography, cardiac event recorders and Holter monitors. The most common instrument used is an electrocardiogram, which reads electrical signals sent from the heart throughout the body. These tests can sometimes render a false reading because they are only able to detect an arrhythmia if it occurs while the electrocardiogram is taking a reading. In some cases, a patient may be sent home with a transtelephonic monitor that records heart rate data over the course of several weeks to give a doctor a more comprehensive view of how the heart behaves.

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