What Are the Symptoms of Iritis?


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Symptoms of iritis include an increased sensitivity to light, redness in the eyes, blurred vision and an aching or feeling of discomfort in the eye with iritis, according to Mayo Clinic. Some people with iritis may see spots or floating specks.

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If the onset of iritis occurs suddenly within hours or days, it is acute iritis, notes Mayo Clinic. If the iritis symptoms remain persistent for more than six weeks or they develop gradually over time, it is chronic iritis. If symptoms of iritis occur, it is important to see an eye care professional immediately, as quick treatment can stop iritis before it progresses into a more complicated condition. Vision problems or pain in the eyes may require urgent medical treatment.

If left untreated, iritis can lead to glaucoma, an irregular pupil, cataracts, or calcium deposits on the cornea, states Mayo Clinic. Some people with untreated iritis may experience swelling in the retina, which can cause blurry or decreased vision. A cataract can cause clouding in the eye's lens, and glaucoma can result in a loss of vision. Calcium deposits on the cornea can cause the cornea to degenerate, which can reduce vision. Scarring can cause an irregular pupil, which can cause the iris to react to light sluggishly.

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