What Symptoms Indicate a Heart Attack in Men?


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The most common symptom of a heart attack in men is pain and discomfort in the chest, although not all men experience this, according to WebMD. A study from 2008 suggests that chest symptoms are more severe for men than women, and they are caused by exertion more often.

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What Symptoms Indicate a Heart Attack in Men?
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Symptoms of a heart attack in men that are not as common include abdominal pain that feels similar to heartburn, nausea, sweating and lightheadedness, states WebMD. Men having a heart attack may be short of breath, and there may be accompanying stomach, neck, back or jaw pain or discomfort. Some men may experience pain or discomfort in one arm or both arms.

Symptoms of a heart attack in men can be minor or major, notes WebMD. It is important to contact emergency medical assistance as quickly as possible, as roughly half of heart attack-related deaths occur outside of a hospital.

If a person thinks they are having a heat attack, they should not attempt to drive to the hospital, states WebMD. A person experiencing a heart attack should call emergency assistance within five minutes of the onset of symptoms. Calling for an ambulance allows medical professionals to treat the heart attack quickly on the way to the hospital. It is important that men experiencing heart attack symptoms do not hesitate to call out of embarrassment or uncertainty.

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