What Are the Symptoms of Iliopsoas Tendonitis?


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The main symptom of iliopsoas tendonitis is pain accompanied by snapping or clicking in the groin area or near the front of the hip, according to UC San Diego Health System. Symptoms may worsen when the hip is bent or pushes against resistance, and the front of the hip may be tender to the touch due to the iliopsoas tendon's location close to the skin.

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Iliopsoas tendonitis is characterized by inflammation of the iliopsoas tendon, a hip flexor tendon that lies over the hip socket. This inflammation may be caused by an injury, prominence of the hip socket or overuse, and the pain and clicking occurs as a result of the tendon rubbing and catching on the bone of the hip socket during movement, states UC San Diego Health System.

Diagnosis generally includes a physical examination of the hip and an inquiry of symptoms by a qualified health care professional, and tests such as x-rays or MRIs are normally not required. Mild cases of iliopsoas tendonitis may be treated with a cortisone injection, anti-inflammatory medications or activity modification. However, severe cases may be treated with an arthroscopy to release tension in the tendon by removing inflamed tissue, according to UC San Diego Health System. If clicking or snapping occurs without pain, treatment is generally not necessary.

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