What Are Some of the Symptoms of HPV in Males?


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HPV infections in men generally cause no symptoms and go away on their own, but persistent infections can cause genital warts and occasionally cancer, confirms the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Symptoms of genital warts include one or more bumps around the penis or anus.

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Genital warts caused by HPV may be flat, raised or cauliflower-shaped, and they vary in size, according to the CDC. These warts may disappear on their own, remain unchanged or increase in number over time, and they may return after treatment. Genital warts may develop months or years after the patient contracts HPV, making it difficult to determine when the individual contracted the disease.

Although the HPV strains that cause genital warts don't cause cancer, some infections can lead to cancer development, states the CDC. Possible types include anal cancer or penile cancer in men as well as cancer on the throat, tongue or tonsils. Despite the fact that HPV remains the most common sexually transmitted infection, HPV-caused cancer proves uncommon in men. Those at greater risk are men with weakened immune systems and men who receive anal sex. There is no approved test for HPV in males as of 2015, but safe, effective HPV vaccines are available.

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