What Are the Symptoms of a Hip Flexor Injury?

Symptoms of a hip flexor injury include mild discomfort and a pulling sensation on the front of the hip, according to Medline Plus. If the injury is more severe, sharp pain and cramping may ensue, along with difficulty walking.

In a case where the hip flexor has gone through a complete tear, a bulge may appear at the top of the thigh muscle, and walking is extremely difficult. Even if the tear is not complete, bruising may appear along the front of the thigh for several days after the injury. Severe strains may necessitate the use of crutches, as stated by Medline Plus.

The hip flexor is a collection of muscles that facilitate movement of the knee and leg up towards the trunk. An injury occurs when at least one of these muscles develops a pull or tear. Risk factors for a strain include suffering a fall, weakness or stiffness in the muscles, and failure to warm up. People who play hockey, soccer or football are susceptible to this injury, as are people who perform martial arts and run regularly. To relieve an injury, the most common treatments include rest, icing the affected area for 20 minutes every three hours for 48 to 72 hours, and taking pain medicine as necessary, reports Medline Plus.