What Are the Symptoms of a Hernia in a Baby?


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According to Parents magazine, hernia symptoms include soft, painless lumps under the skin near the belly button or a swollen scrotum or large fold of skin in the groin of newborns. Incarcerated hernias are very painful; red or blue in color; hard to the touch; and require immediate medical attention.

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Although an infant's umbilical or inguinal hernia may look odd, the hernia is generally harmless. Parents magazine notes the child will grow out of it within three to four years. A physician should always be consulted if a hernia is suspected. Some hernias only show when the infant is having a bowel movement, crying, sitting up or participating in any activity that puts internal pressure on the abdomen.

MedlinePlus states that hernias are caused by fat and intestines pressing against weak abdominal muscles and can be located on either side of the groin, inguinal, or near the belly button, umbilical. According to Parents magazine, inguinal hernias are common in newborns. Hernias are caused by chronic constipation, abdominal pressure from excessive crying, chronic coughing and obesity. Trapped hernias can cut off blood supply to the intestines or become infected. A doctor may recommend repair of inguinal hernias because those are more likely to become trapped. This is a straightforward procedure that is often done on outpatient basis.

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