What Are Some Symptoms of Heart Valve Problems?


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Common symptoms related to heart valve diseases include shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness and discomfort in the chest, according to WebMD. Other signs of heart valve problems include heart palpitations, rapid weight gain, and swelling in the abdomen, feet or ankles.

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What Are Some Symptoms of Heart Valve Problems?
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Shortness of breath is usually most prominent when a person is lying in bed or being physically active, states WebMD. Stacking pillows to prop the head may improve sleep. Heart valve disease can cause some people to become so dizzy or weak that they lose consciousness. Some people may feel a weight or pressure in the chest when out in the cold or during physical activity.

Some people with heart disease may notice that their heart skips a beat or speeds up, according to WebMD. Edema may also occur, which is when the ankles, feet or abdomen swell, and this can be accompanied by bloating. Heart valve disease can cause a person to gain up to 3 pounds in one day.

Symptoms related to heart valve disease are not always an accurate way to determine the severity of the problem, notes WebMD. A person can have severe heart valve disease and not experience any symptoms.If symptoms of a heart valve problem occur, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

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