What Are the Symptoms of H. Pylori in Adults?


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Once H. pylori causes ulcers, symptoms for patients all ages include burning or dull pain in the abdomen, loss of appetite, bloating, and nausea, according to WebMD. Patients may also experience vomiting or weight loss with no clear cause.

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What Are the Symptoms of H. Pylori in Adults?
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The abdominal pain caused by an ulcer may be intermittent, lasting from several minutes to several hours, and it is generally most noticeable when the stomach is empty, as stated by WebMD. For instance, patients may feel more pain in the middle of the night or between meals. The pain may subside when the patient drinks milk, eats something or takes an antacid. H. pylori often lives in the host body for years before causing symptoms as the bacteria slowly attacks the stomach lining. The majority of infected individuals never develop ulcers.

If ulcers cause bleeding into the stomach or intestines, symptoms include unexplained tiredness, dizziness, severe stomach pain, difficulty breathing and paleness, as listed by WebMD. The patient's vomit may include blood or look like coffee grounds, and stools may be bloody or black. These symptoms warrant immediate medical attention. If the ulcer leads to stomach cancer, symptoms include heartburn, belly pain, a feeling of fullness after eating small amounts of food and loss of appetite.

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