What Are Symptoms of Groin Hernias in Women?


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Symptoms of a hernia in women include a bulge in the groin and groin discomfort, explains WebMD. If a hernia traps a section of the intestine, symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and sudden pain may appear. Other possible symptoms include heaviness in the area of a hernia and aching that relieves when lying down.

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The bulge in the groin tends to grow slowly over several weeks or months, states WebMD. In some cases, it appears suddenly following heavy lifting, bending, coughing, laughing or straining. There may be a pain in the groin that worsens while bending or lifting an object. Heaviness or swelling occurs in the inner thigh or in the area of a hernia. A bulge may also occur in the labia, the skin surrounding the vagina.

The cause of groin hernia is unknown, notes Healthline. However, people with weak spots in the groin muscles are likely to experience hernias. Risk factors for a groin hernia include pregnancy, heredity, regular constipation, obesity and chronic cough. Surgery is the common treatment option for groin hernias, and a doctor typically recommends either open repair or laparoscopy. Possible complications of treating groin hernias include recurrent hernias, scarring and infection following the surgery. Avoiding heavy lifting, stopping smoking and maintaining a healthy weight helps to reduce the severity of hernias.

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