What Are Some Symptoms of Goldenrod Allergy?


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Symptoms of goldenrod allergy are itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, and runny nose, according to Everyday Health. These symptoms tend to show up in the late summer and fall. Plant pollen is a common allergen, but goldenrod is not a typical culprit.

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Goldenrod uses insects for pollination, limiting the spread of pollen, Everyday Health explains. However, the wind disperses ragweed's pollen, sending it far and wide. Because of this, ragweed causes far more seasonal allergies than goldenrod. Allergy sufferers often suspect goldenrod of causing seasonal allergies because the plant has bright yellow flowers, states HealthCentral. Its appearance makes it more obvious than ragweed, and when people experience eye and nose problems, they sometimes blame goldenrod.

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