What Are Some Symptoms of Gallbladder Trouble?


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Symptoms of a gallbladder disorder are pain and inflammation of the area, located centrally in the upper belly, according to WebMD. Pain can be severe and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and fever.

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What Are Some Symptoms of Gallbladder Trouble?
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There are several different problems that can happen within the gallbladder, the most common being gallstones. These small, gritty stones are formed from crystallized bile. The gallbladder stores bile to aid in food digestion within the intestines. If one of the vessels in the gallbladder becomes blocked with a stone, this can cause pain every time the gallbladder contracts. This is why people with gallstones find they experience the most pain after meals.

Gallstones are usually harmless, although uncomfortable, and can be diagnosed through an ultrasound, states WebMD. Simple key-hole surgery is usually recommended to remove the gallbladder if gallstones are present and causing issues. The body can function perfectly well without the gallbladder.

A less common but more serious condition associated with the gallbladder is gallbladder cancer. This is very rare, and those who have gallstones are at no further risk than those without, claims MedlinePlus. Patients with gallbladder cancer tend to show symptoms only in the later stages, making it hard to treat because of this.

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