What Are Some Symptoms of a Gallbladder Attack in Women?


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Symptoms of gallbladder conditions in both women and men include severe abdominal pain, chest pain, jaundice, fever and chills, reports Everyday Health. These conditions often cause dull or sharp pain that extends to the back or that worsens after eating, particularly greasy or fatty foods.

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Most symptoms of gallbladder conditions begin in the abdomen, states Everyday Health. Located just below the liver, the gallbladder is responsible for secreting bile into the small intestine to assist digestion. Common problems with the gallbladder include gallstones, biliary colic and inflammation.

Gallstones are small stones that form inside the gallbladder, states Everyday Health. The condition is asymptomatic in most people, however in some cases it causes biliary colic if the stones block the cystic duct. This type of blockage causes the gallbladder to contract or spasm and potentially causes episodes of severe pain. Gallstones also sometimes trigger inflammation of the gallbladder, causing swelling and irritation in the gallbladder walls. In a small percentage of cases, intestinal bacteria gets in and infects the gallbladder. Rarely, the gallbladder ruptures, which requires emergency medical attention and surgery.

Scarring due to persistent gallstone problems causes dysfunctional or chronic gallbladder disease, says Everyday Health. The condition results in regular bouts of indigestion, gas, feelings of fullness and diarrhea after meals.

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