What Are Some Symptoms of Gall Bladder Failure in Women?


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Most types of gall bladder problems share common symptoms, including abdominal pain, chest pain, heartburn, nausea and excessive gas, explains Everyday Health. Other common symptoms include pain that worsens after eating, a full feeling or tenderness in the abdomen, cramps, or pain that extends to the back or shoulder blade.

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What Are Some Symptoms of Gall Bladder Failure in Women?
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Gallbladder problems generally develop when something causes the bile that flows from the gallbladder to stop, notes Everyday Health. Some reasons for this blockage include inflammation, gallstones or chronic gallbladder disease. Gallstones are small, hard deposits that are typically very small in size, and most of them form from cholesterol that's present in the gallbladder's bile, explains Healthline. As gallstones continue to develop and grow, they begin to block the channel that allows bile to flow.

Gallbladder inflammation can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, a tumor or a gallbladder infection, but the most common cause of the inflammation is gallstones, according to Everyday Health. When the gallbladder gets inflamed, it can become sluggish, swollen and painful, and it may rupture, in which case surgery is required. Chronic gallbladder disease develops when the gallbladder repeatedly gets inflamed, and a common symptom of this disease is chronic diarrhea, which usually develops after meals and many times throughout the day.

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