What Are Some Symptoms of a Fractured Hip?


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Symptoms of a fractured hip include severe pain in the affected hip or groin area and the inability of the leg on the affected side of the body to bear weight, states Mayo Clinic. The leg on the side of the fractured hip may appear shorter than the other leg.

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What Are Some Symptoms of a Fractured Hip?
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The area around the injured hip may appear bruised and swollen, and it may feel stiff, according to Mayo Clinic. The leg on the side of the affected hip may turn outward. If a fall caused the fractured hip, the person may find it impossible to move right after the incident. In rare cases, a person with a fractured hip may only experience knee or thigh pain and he may be able to walk, notes WebMD.

Hip fractures most commonly occur following a severe impact or a fall, explains Mayo Clinic. People with weakened bones due to osteoporosis may fracture a hip by twisting the leg while it is bearing weight.

Doctors use imaging tests, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and bone scans, to diagnose fractured hips, according to WebMD. Surgery to repair or replace the hip is the most common treatment for a fractured hip, states Healthline. Following this procedure, physical therapy helps the patient resume normal movement.

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