What Are the Symptoms of the Flu in Adults?


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Flu symptoms in adults include fever, severe pain in the muscles and joints, tiredness and pain around the eyes, extreme fatigue and weakness, headache and dry cough, notes WebMD. Other symptoms include red, watery eyes, warm flushed skin, runny nose and sore throat. Many people mistake the symptoms of the flu with those of the common cold, but cold symptoms develop slowly, whereas symptoms of the flu have a rapid onset.

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More severe symptoms of the flu indicate the need for immediate evaluation by a medical professional, reports WebMD. Some more serious symptoms include shortness of breath, trouble breathing, pressure or pain in the belly or chest, and severe vomiting. Confusion and sudden dizziness are also alarming signs of severe flu.

While some cases of the flu resolve themselves at home without seeing a doctor, provided the affected person drinks plenty of fluids, gets lots of rest and avoids contact with other people, those who are very sick may need medications, as stated by WebMD. Antiviral drugs, including Tamiflu, Rapivab and Relenza, may be necessary for those with severe cases of the flu. These medications shorten the length of the illness when taken within 48 hours of the commencement of symptoms.

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