What Are the Symptoms of a Fibula Fracture?


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The symptoms of a fibula fracture are pain in the affected limb, and difficulty or inability for the affected limb to bear weight, according to Drugs.com. If the fracture is very bad, the broken bone may break the skin.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Fibula Fracture?
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There might also be a noticeable deformity in the leg, and it might seem shorter than the other, undamaged leg, says WebMD.

In the case of a broken fibula, the doctor examines the leg and takes X-rays, claims WebMD. She also looks for signs to make sure that the bone hasn't affected a blood vessel or a nerve by feeling for a pulse in the leg and testing to see if the patient has sensation beneath the break. A doctor who suspects that the fibula broke from something other than an injury or accident orders more tests.

The broken bone needs to be seen to even before the doctor's examination, says WebMD. The patient should keep the leg still but elevated and apply ice packs to keep down the swelling. Though a broken fibula rarely needs to be treated through surgery, according to Drugs.com, the patient should not be given anything to eat or drink until a doctor is consulted.

Usually, a fracture of the fibula alone can be treated without the patient being hospitalized, says Drugs.com. The fracture usually heals completely.

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