What Are Some of the Symptoms of Female Hormone Imbalance?

Common symptoms of female hormonal imbalance include hot flashes and night sweats, low sexual drive, sleeplessness, exhaustion, inadequate genital lubrication, weight gain and premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, according to BodyLogicMD. Emotional indications of hormonal imbalance in women also include depression and abrupt changes in behavior.

Hormones play a crucial role in the general well-being and health of women. The production of the two primary female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, may become irregular and subsequently trigger unpleasant and distressing symptoms. This condition typically occurs during the perimenopausal and menopausal stages of a woman's life. Additionally, other glands may secrete an abnormal amount of other hormones that also contribute to the manifestations of these symptoms, notes Healthline.

Women who undergo hormonal problems often experience a sudden sensation of feverish heat, known as hot flashes. These episodes may be accompanied by excessive sweating at night. Although hot flashes and night sweats are rare and controllable for some women, there are cases when these symptoms are severe and affect the standard of health and comfort of patients, states the Women in Balance Institute. As of 2015, experts attribute the cause of these manifestations to high estrogen levels and low progesterone levels.

Other known symptoms associated with female hormonal imbalance are endometriosis, fibrosis and fuzzy memory. Consultation with a certified bioidentical hormone doctor to determine hormonal levels could serve as the initial step in alleviating these symptoms, suggests BodyLogicMD.